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Monuments in London

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Standing on the Thames, it is Europe's third largest city after Moscow and Istanbul. The capital of Great Britain and England, the largest city in the country. London is a unique place offering many interesting attractions. What to see in London?
The city attracts about 30 million tourists a year. Its main tourist attractions are connected with the history of England, but also its great museums and art galleries deserve attention. You cannot get bored in London - it's a diverse city offering unforgettable entertainment.
What to see in London? Check out our list of the most interesting sights and attractions!
Tower of London - the palace of the monarchs of England. The building was erected in the 11th century for William the Conqueror. The Tower of London was a prison - it was reported that there was no escape from Tower of London, because the entrance was right by the water. Tower of London is today's popular London tourist attraction. In the central part you can see the White Tower - a defensive structure. There are various valuable exhibits there - artillery, arms, armour.
Big Ben - the name refers to the St. Stephen Tower and the Clock Tower. The construction of this neo-Gothic tower was started after the fire of the Palace in 1834. It is one of the symbols of the city.
Tower Bridge - the famous drawbridge in London, which is also one of the symbols of the city. Its history began in 1872, when the English Parliament agreed on the construction of the second bridge over the river Thames. The building consists of two main towers connected by a footbridge and a drawbridge.
Westminster Abbey - it is a complex of buildings, including the neo-Gothic Palace of Westminster, the seat of the Parliament, the tower with the famous Big Ben clock, the medieval church of St. Margaret and the Westminster Abbey. This complex was built in the 16th century as a royal residence, then it was the House of Lords and the House of Commons.
Buckingham Palace - from 1837 the official seat of the British monarchs and the world's largest royal palace still in office. For the British, the palace is one of the symbols of Great Britain. It is a place of state celebrations and official meetings of heads of state.
St. Paul's Cathedral in London - the cathedral is located in central London - The City. Inside the cathedral you can visit interesting art galleries. The temple continues its function. Masses are celebrated regularly, but it is also available for tourists.
British Museum - established in 1753 under the law of the British Parliament. Initially exhibited Sir Hans Sloan’s collections, today it hosts exhibits presenting the achievements of human civilization from prehistoric times to the present. The most popular are the Rosetta stone, the Parthenon sculpture, the Sutton Hoo treasure, the Mildenhall treasure.
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